select the right SUBMERSIBLE pump for
mining applications

In the mining industry, downtime is a four-letter-word. GPM offers products and services backed by decades of experience to keep jobs running smoothly. We’re here to help teams select the right submersible pump for mining applications, including but not limited to:

  • Thickener underflow sump
  • Underflow pump
  • Concentrator hydro sump
  • Tunnel sumps
  • Clean out sumps
  • Ball mill sumps
  • Rod mill sumps
  • Cooler sump
  • Seep water Sumps
  • Dewatering sumps
  • Shaft bottom sump
  • Washdown sump
  • Dewatering booster pumps
  • Crusher cleanout sump
  • Pellet load-out sump
  • Screen house sump
  • Conveyor sump
  • Clarifier pump
  • Classifier pump
  • Limestone sump
  • Tailings sump
  • Drive-in sumps
  • Smelter sump

Which submersible pump is right for the job? Download the Mining Application Matrix to learn more about GPM’s solutions and to identify the industrial pump type that best suits your needs.